Power Companion Wolf

By Maegan Shetima

Animal: Wolf, Material: Serpentine
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Maegan Shetima is a young artists brimming with talent. Here she has created a powerful, approachable, companion Wolf (Coyote or Fox) carved from an extraordinary rainbow watermelon serpentine. One side is creamy white.  White wolf is an important protector in the Zuni way. The other side is a rosy blush, friendly and pretty. Maegan carved fierce claws but also a sweet face with beautiful eyes of inlaid gold lip shell and jet. The nose and smile are incised and darkened with jet paste. Finely incised fur covers its body. A turquoise point rests on top of a mother of pearl shell point, an offering to honor the strength of this great hunter. About 2 3/4" tall and 5 3/4" long.

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