Peach Labradorite Snake

By Brian Yatsattie

Animal: Snake, Material: Peach Labradorite
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This fascinating Snake is carved from peach labradorite. The colors in Labradorite are not actually present in stone, rather they are the result of light play within the stone. Labradorite is a feldspar with a crystalline structure that forms very thin compacted layers. When light hits the surface of the stone, it travels down through the layers, which reflect, refract and diffuse the white light, absorbing some colors and reflecting others which we see as the flash on the surface of the stone. Usually we see blues and greens, but on the rare occasion we see coppers and pinks, like in this stunning reptile.

Brian Yatsattie is an amazing and prolific artist who carves extraordinary animals all the while exploring unusual and beautiful materials. This collectable snake is approximately 4" long, 3" wide and 1/2" tall with eyes of smoothly inlaid jet. A snake's medicine is about discarding old-ways because these great reptile's regularly shed their skin to start anew.