On The Move Bear

By Douglas Martza

Animal: Bear, Material: Onyx
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Among the many wonderful natural traits a Bear is revered for among the Zuni Pueblo People and other Indigenous cultures is their need to journey. A bear's home range is the area that it must travel to meet daily needs. Males have ranges of movement of approximately 3 to 4 miles, while females generally travel 2 to 3 miles. Juvenile bears may travel hundreds of miles when leaving their mother to establish their own home range. Douglas Martza's onyx bear encourages an adventurous spirit. A positive outlook is conveyed through turquoise eyes, while an etched smile is heartwarming. An offering bundle hosts a carved shell point with golden amber, turquoise and heishe shell beads. About 2 5/8" long, 1" wide and 2" tall.

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