Mother of Pearl Pelican, in Remembrance By Cellester Laate(d)

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Pelican, Material: Mother Of Pearl Shell
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By his early 20's Cellester had already made an impact on fetish collectors because of his meticulous detail, often used mother of pearl shell. The Laate Family have all been known for their realism and detail and the young Cellester took it to another level! In 2002, a beloved family member of mine died. He had always said he wanted to come back as a pelican because they are such great fliers even though they are awkward on the land. Just like my uncle. I bought this spectacular pelican directly from Cellester to remember my uncle. Sadly, Cellester passed at the age of 26 later that same year, and so it became a double remembrance. I can think of no better way for this little pelican to honor and help Zuni artists. This luminous carving measures about 1 3/4" square, it is also signed.

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