Many Gorgeous Materials Maiden Bolo Tie

By Jess Johnson

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Jesse Johnson's sterling silver, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Nevada turquoise, Kingman turquoise, gaspeite, mother-of-pearl, gold lip shell and jet Maiden bolo tie is outstanding.

This unisex bolo tie hosts many lovely, round "snake eye" shaped turquoise pieces, each set with tiny custom-cut bezels to support them. Jesse's inlay work is quite gorgeous too. The stone to stone and shell inlay area is presented in a traditional geometric pattern.

The overall length of this unisex bolo tie is about 22" long. We like the comfortable neck feature of this hand-braided black leather bolo tie. The dynamic center Maiden station is about 5" long and 2" wide, while the Nevada turquoise bolo tips are about 1" long and an 1/2" wide. Signed by the artist.

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