Light As A Feather Tufa Owl With Six Owlets

By Lionel Sanchez, San Felipe-Cochiti

Animal: Owl, Material: Tufa Stone
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This large Owl is carved from tufa, a type of porous volcanic stone light enough to float in water. Tufa can be found in the area around the territory of the Ancestral Puebloans that is now Bandelier National Monument. The small owlets nestled in the breast feathers of their protector remind us of those ancient cliff dwellings and the safety those ancestors found there. Lionel Sanchez carves after the style of his father-in-law Wilson Romero of Cochiti Pueblo, using found stone and minimal carving to describe the animal in the stone. This large owl is about 10" tall and 6" wide. The five owlets range in size from about 1" to  1 3/4" tall and are carved from other types of found stone. Extra shipping may apply.

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