Kingman Turquoise & Corn Cuff Bracelet

By Joel Pajarito, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Joel Pajarito is a gifted jeweler from the greater Mary C. Lovato family of Kewa (Santo Domingo) artists. His mastery of the tufa cast jewelry method is evident with a sterling silver corn cuff bracelet that truly enchants the senses.

Indigenous societies were farmers growing corn as a sustenance crop. Planted and harvested today, corn is called "the mother" because it’s cultivated from “Mother Earth”. The traditional way corn is used acknowledges it as a gift and blessing from the Creator. Many pueblo cultures give Corn Dances. Cornmeal or corn pollen is usually carried in a small leather pouch. When natural resources like game animals, irrigation water and clay are used, a prayer and a sprinkling of cornmeal are given in gratitude.

Joel's cuff bracelet is offset with a marvelous Kingman turquoise cabochon. Signed by the artist along with other pueblo-inspired designs like growing corn, perhaps a ladder descending into a sacred kiva, a raincloud element and a hovering dragonfly. The gorgeous cuff bracelet's entire inner circumference is approximately 6 5/8" which includes the opening of about 1 1/8". The width of the bracelet is around 1". Please click here for help in determining wrist measurements and best fit.

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