Iconic Sunface Belt Buckle

By April Unkestine

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The Sunface is an iconic Zuni symbol that honors Father Sun and represents the balance of sky and earth, without which life would not exist. April Unkestine is well known for her sunface inlay work. Here she offers us a stunning sterling silver belt buckle with a large sunface inlaid in the center. Traditional coral, turquoise, and jet make up the face, accented with gold lip shell. Around the face is a feather motif of gold lip shell and turquoise. A hand fabricated sterling silver braid frames the sunface. In each corner April has repeated the feather motif in more turquoise and gold lip shell. All hand fabricated this buckle measures about 2 1/2" by 1 1/2". It will accommodate a 1 " belt. Signed by the artist.