Fossilized Coral Bear

By Chris Gchachu

Animal: Bear, Material: Fossilized Coral
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Focused eyes of inlaid turquoise, head cocked to the side listening, and a sniffing nose, this journeying Bear as it moseys along. Chris Gchachu is a talented Zuni artist who carved beautiful this bruin from fossilized coral. We all love and are familiar with Petoskey stone, which is a type of fossilized coral. Petoskey stones are unique to the Great Lakes Region of the United States, and are a specific species of coral (Hexagonaria percarinata) known to form perfect hexagons. However, there are many other types of fossil colonial corals. Most of these are not as widely known or as popular. Fossilized corals are found in Alaska, Indonesia, Morocco and many other areas. Some are composed of chalcedony instead of calcite. All are fascinating and beautiful like this one Chris used. Chris also attached a wonderful protective point carved from abalone shell. About 3" long, 1 3/4" tall, and 1" wide.

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