Ethereal Dragonfly Pendant

By Adrin Cheama

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A magical Dragonfly takes flight in pendant form handmade by Adrin Cheama. His parents are carvers Fabian and Vivella Cheama who descend from the greater Natewa, Dallas Quam (d) and Panteah family of Zuni Pueblo artists. Adrin's father Fabian was a leader behind a realistic and contemporary style of fetish carving in the early 1980's. Elegantly hand-cut pieces of watery abalone, soothing pen shell and happy turquoise are inlaid to sterling silver in a magnificent wearable work representative of a messenger who carries prayers according to Zuni traditional ways. Beautifully worked antennae serve as bales to suspend this approximately 4 1/2" long, 4" wide and 3/4" tall wondrous work. Signed by the artist.

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