Essential Mountain Lion

By Rosella & Loubert Soseeah

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Lepidolite
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Mountain-lions (pumas, panthers or cougars) keep entire ecosystems functioning the way they were intended. As apex predators they keep ungulates alert and moving, preventing overgrazing and erosion of water sources. Kills provide food for other animals. Human caused climate change, wildfires and droughts effect mountain lions by reducing the availability of prey. Wildfires destroy huge stretches of habitat, so mountain lions must wander great distances to find food, sometimes bringing them into close proximity to people. It is essential to protect remaining mountain lion habitat, to build corridors that allow them to move unimpeded by human barriers and teach others to have a peaceful coexistence with the species. Rosella and Loubert Soseeah's lovely lepidolite feline has turquoise eyes and measures about 3" long, 1/2" wide and 7/8" tall.

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