Choker Length Double Strand Necklace and Earrings Set

By Reva Halate

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Reva Halate's offers this unique double strand, choker length fetish necklace and adorable rabbit earrings set. Showcasing many tiny animals that range in size from about 1/4" to 3/4" long. The center turquoise Bear of one strand is about 5/8" tall with eyes of inlaid red coral. The gold lip turtle on the shorter strand measures about 5/8" long and has eyes of inlaid turquoise. We see animals such as Turtles, bushytails (Coyote, Wolf or Fox), birds, Frogs and Rabbits. They're sweetly carved of materials like turquoise, angelite, orange alabaster, serpentine, pen shell, gold lip shell, pink mussel shell, and mother-of-pearl, strung with fine heishe shell beads Their eyes are drilled and darkened with jet paste. A nice pair of turquoise rabbit earrings hang at about 2" long are also strung with fine heishe shell beads. We love this contemporary overall length of 16".

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