"Daughter & Mother Prayer" Honeycomb Calcite Sculpture

By Kelií Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

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"Daughter & Mother Prayer" is an approximate 7" tall, 5" wide and 4 1/4" deep, including lovely black granite base, reversible sculpture by Keli'i Eli. Sgraffito markings highlight a Zuni daughter and mother, with their traditional hairstyles shown in three-dimensions within the calcite. The other side resembles a landscape with falling rain.

We'd like to share Keli'i's own beautiful words regarding this incredible work:

"A love between mother and daughter is like no other. Closeness shared from beginning in mother’s womb transcends into continued growth from newborn to adulthood - passing down sacred knowledge, beliefs, culture, language, tradition… One of the morning rituals shared is to wake with the Sun (Yadokkya Datchu - Sun Father). Morning prayer is how each day starts giving thanks for the gift of life. We ask for blessings in the form of good health for self as well as for family and friends far and near. We asked the Creator for blessings of good crop growth, successful hunting, and that everything within Mother Earth, the stars, the Milky Way, the planets, the galaxies all work in unison of one another to sustain life and to keep everything in a state of equilibrium. Morning prayer to Sun Father is carved from translucent Honeycomb Calcite and is mounted to a polished black granite base."

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