Contemporary Stainless Steel Bolo Tie & Belt Buckle Set

By Carlton Jamon

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Carlton Jamon is an outstanding Zuni Pueblo metalsmith, creating jewelry for over 25 years. His grandmother taught him the art at 14 years of age. Although he's experienced in working traditional Zuni jewelry styles such as petit point and inlay, he has developed an incredible contemporary style with designs that originate from his culture. Carlton is involved with the Zuni Pueblo Artwalk that promotes art and educates the public. He's passionate about helping other artists.

Using specialized and modern tools, and even creating and modifying some, he works various metals into fabulous pieces of wearable art. His latest offering is a set of two works: a handsome bolo tie and accompanying belt buckle. Cutting and shaping stainless steel with his custom tools, this geometric arrangement is so appealing. The high-quality black leather braided bolo tie with tips measures about 44" long, while the tips themselves are approximately 2 3/4" long. The adjustable station on the bolo itself is roughly 2" by 3". The matching belt buckle is approximately 3" by 2" and will fit on an approximate 1 1/2" belt. The satiny finish on the stainless steel is irresistible. This magnificent pairing would make a wonderful presentation gift.

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