Contemporary Painting With Sterling Silver Lip Pin

By Dylan Poblano

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An extraordinary multi-media painting is visually stunning and super colorful, by Zuni Pueblo contemporary artist Dylan Poblano.

On a canvas with wood frame, Dylan's creatively hand-painted this approximate 28" long and 20" wide work. It's securely suspended by a hand-carved arrow element and rope. Vibrant acrylic paints adorn with expressive wording like "Anasazi", "we use au natural earth pigments & minerals" and "Scientifically proven to get you noticed".

A fabulous sterling silver lip pin is secured to the top area of this work, on a length of black sueded leather. It's all amazingly hand-fabricated by Dylan who is a wonderful jeweler as well. Stands of turquoise-colored ceramic beads are draped. Hot pink colored craft feathers and some specially painted, adorn this spectacular work that's been signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.