Celebrate The Seasons Of Life

By Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez

Animal: Corn Maiden/ Grandmother, Material: Lapis
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Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez is well known for her Corn-Maidens, mothers, and grandmothers. Kateri's aunt Faye Quandelacy(d) was the first to carve corn maidens in a small table top fetish form in the early 1980's, spawning a family tradition. Kateri's female figures are often reversible, showing one stage of life on one side and another stage on the reverse. They are a celebration of the different seasons women enjoy throughout their lives moving from maiden, full of potential; to mother or auntie, the care giver; and then to grandmother, the wise elder. Here we see the young corn maiden, her hair worn in traditional pueblo whorls, each kernel of corn carefully and skillfully carved, a coral cabochon adorns her throat. On the reverse side we see the transition into wise elder. Gray inclusions in the rich lapis create the silver frost of age. She wears bright turquoise at her neck and is honored with a belt of turquoise cabochons. Each face is overlaid gold lip shell, the eyes and mouths are darkened with jet paste. At about 3" tall, 2" wide, and 1" deep this celebration of the life's seasons is not to be missed.

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