Buffalo Horn Maiden

By Todd Westika

Animal: Corn Maiden, Material: Horn
This offering is sold.
Arching over the pueblo in a gesture of protection, this Corn Maiden brings life. A Sunface element of inlaid turquoise and sterling silver, honoring Father Sun, rises over the village causing the turquoise inlaid corn to grow. Inlaid turquoise Dragonflies carry prayers and messages from the Pueblo to the spirit world. With eyes of inlaid sterling silver, a body of finely carved corn kernels, and a tablita on her head, this maiden is the embodiment of transformative female energy turning sunlight into golden kernels of vitality.  Gorgeously carved from one specimen of water buffalo horn, Todd Westika's incredibly lovely and flowing carving measures about 3 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" deep and 4 1/4" long. The pueblo village is represented with delicate inlaid 'vigas' or wood beams.