Award Winning Guardian Of The East

By Troy Sice

Animal: Wolf, Material: Antler
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You can bring home this amazing and ribbon winning piece from the 98th Market (2019). This gorgeous piece by Troy Sice won an Honorable Mention ribbon in the same year that Troy won the Best in Show award in the Class V: Sculpture category for a separate entry.  

Out of the six directional protectors for the A:shiwi (Zuni People), the white Wolf is the guardian of the east. This wolf by Troy's carved from antler, on the look out, ready to pounce and yet gently carries a sweet blue bird friend. The bird is tied in with an obsidian arrow point with beads of turquoise and coral as an offering bundle carried on the back. The piece measures about 8 1/2" long by 3" across and stands at 8" tall. The wolf's eyes are inlaid lapis. The brown detailing of the nose, ears and tail are from expert burnishing of the antler to bring out the brown coloring. Extra shipping charges may apply.

Troy is an accomplished carver who comes from a long family history of carvers. He is a third-generation carver, the grandson of George H. CheeChee, nephew of Ramie and Miguel Haloo and half-brother of Colvin Peina. His creations have garnered awards in many shows across the country, including Best Of Show in the 94th (2015) SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, Class V: Sculpture category.

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