Animal Gathering Fetish Necklace & Earrings Set

By Evalena Boone

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Created by Evalena Boone (daughter of Lena Boone), this vibrant single strand necklace and earring set features an abundance of animal friends. Measuring about 28" in total length, each tiny carving is spaced with lovely heishe shell beads. Perched center stage is a jubilant Owl of spiny oyster shell. Using chromatic and luscious materials like serpentine, turquoise, abalone, spiny oyster shell, angelite, dolomite, Picasso marble, and mother-of-pearl, Evalena carved creatures such as Bear, Turtle, Mole, Badger, bushytails (Fox, Wolf, Coyote), Hummingbird, fish, feathered friends and Mountain Lion. Their eyes are inlaid with either red coral, jet or turquoise. The spiny oyster bird earrings measure about 1" wide by 2" long, including the sterling silver french hook. The center owl on the necklace measures about 1 1/8" long.