A:Shiwi Butterfly Maiden Katsina

By Bart Gasper, Jr.

Animal: Butterfly Maiden, Material: Wood
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Bart Gasper, Jr. ingeniously mounted this striking Butterfly Maiden Katsina to a board, designed to hang by a leather cord. This beautiful maiden is carved from traditional cottonwood root and painted with  bright acrylic colors. Her hair and multi colored feather headdress are finely incised and Dragonflies adorn her tablita as well as the border of her robe.  A brilliant rainbow of all colors, including black and white, shines behind her. She embodies positive transformation and spreads beauty across the planet, something we could all use these days. This unusual carving measures 9 3/4" long by 6" wide. The maiden is about 6 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" deep. Signed by the artist.

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