#8 Mine Turquoise Tadpole and Pollywog

By Keli'i Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

Animal: Tadpole, Material: #8 Mine Turquoise
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We're honored to share Keli'i Eli's own words regarding his magnificent tadpole (or polliwog) carving that's made from a glorious #8 Mine turquoise specimen:

"We are all born of a woman within a womb of water. When we receive water blessings, it continues the life cycle for everything on Earth. As tad poles swim in a bed of water after being hatched, they begin to embark on their life journey eventually metamorphosing into a Frog, a Dakk’ya, where it will spend the remainder of its grown up life as a frog. Frogs are our prayer messengers just like Dragonfly, although we ourselves ask for these water blessings as well, Frogs help our voices and thankfulness be heard to our ancestors of the spirit world each time we receive such blessings. Carved from quality number eight turquoise which depicts the water element well, these tad poles are looking for a bed of water to complete their morphological cycle, a place to call home."

At about 4" long, 2 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" tall, Keli'i's blessed each animal with either tiger's eye or jet eyes. Don't miss this outstanding piece celebrating our amphibian friends.