Storied Dragon

By Robert Michael Weahkee

Animal: Dragon, Material: Antler
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Tales of dragons exist in many cultures, first being described by the ancient Sumerians as well as the Greeks, who referred to them as "draconta", meaning to watch. Throughout time people unearthed gigantic bones, not knowing they were dinosaurs, attributing them to those of amazing Lizard-like dragons.

Robert Michael Weahkee's terrific dragon has been brought to us from antler, his primary medium. Definite incising marks bring about powerful wings, a pointy segmented tail, reptilian scaly skin, as well as a showy display of awesome teeth. Turquoise inlaid eyes and burnt-out areas add gorgeous contrast. About 8 1/4" tall, 5" wide and 6" deep. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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