Ray Tsalate

Twenty-six year old Raymond began as an apprentice for Troy Sice, well-known fetish carver and sculptor, in 2004. With the encouragement of his mentor, Ray took a hands-on approach, learning step-by-step how to carve large and small pieces from elk antler and various stones.

Over his still-young career, Raymond has challenged himself with increasingly difficult projects as he creates his own style and keeps each individual art piece unique. Many of his art pieces are depictions of regal maidens dressed in their very best waiting to dance. He also carves figures such as dragonfly maidens and butterfly maidens, which are usually portrayed only in murals, paintings, or Hopi katsina carvings. Inspired by his love of nature, he carves colorful creatures such as chubby frogs eating dragonflies or dragonflies hovering over giant flowers.

Most of Ray's work is formed separately from the beginning and assembled together at the end of the process. Each of his pieces has its own distinct flair, inspired by the natural work around him and by the stories he knows.

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