By Travis Lasiloo

Animal: Scorpion, Material: Marble
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Survival skills of a scorpion are phenomenal. Traveling back in time through the fossil record, we've evidence of these amazing arthropods thriving. Today scorpions are found in all environments. They can live a full year without food, give birth to live young and can endure underwater for around 48 hours. No matter what comes their way, they tough it out, good animal medicine for us. 

Travis Lasiloo's magnificent turquoise-eyed scorpion has been carved extremely-well from black marble with light texturing. Complete with eight legs, two pedipalps and a tail with a venom-injecting barb, this realistic arthropod measures about 4" long, 2 1/4" wide and 3/4" tall. Scorpions are beneficial to our earth as they help feed on a variety of potential pest organisms.

Travis Lasiloo is a master artist who in his early days of carving was guided by Lance Cheama.