Alabaster Bear Of Reciprocity On Pyrogravure Wood Base

By Rickson Kallestewa

Animal: Bear, Material: Alabaster
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Always ready to share in the Zuni spirit of reciprocity, Rickson Kallestewa's earthy alabaster Bear holds a raincloud, growing corn stalk, joyful flute-player and Dragonfly etched offering vessel, perhaps a basket or pottery-like jar. They've been incised and filled with colorful pastes. An awesome etched spiral element within the offering vessel caresses a single blue corn kernel at its center. Friendly facial features and pawed claws are incised and darkened with jet paste. Rickson's nephew artist Cameron Kalestewa carved and burnt out the wooden base's feather and arrow point design utilizing the pyrogravure technique, his specialty. Including this fabulous base, this collaborative presentation is approximately 4 3/4" tall, 3" wide and 3" deep.