Striking Zuni Sunface Ring

By Sheryl & Strallie Edaakie

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In Zuni Pueblo tradition the Sunface symbol is beneficial as it represents balance in life: traditionally turquoise stands for Father Sky, coral stands for Mother Earth, while mother-of-pearl shell and jet represent all the elements in balance. Artists like award-winning jewelers Sheryl and Strallie Edaakie use their artistic license by utilizing other materials to represent this sacred design. They selected pen shell, coral, turquoise, serpentine and mother-of-pearl set spectacularly side by side to form the Sunface in an amazing sterling silver ring that's a size 7 3/4. The stone to stone method of jewelry making is not easy as each piece of material has to fit snuggly next to its neighbor. The amount of workmanship in this ring is phenomenal for the price. The striking Sunface station itself is approximately 1 1/2" long and 1 5/8" wide. Signed by the artists.

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