Jeff Shetima

Jeff Shetima was born into a family of accomplished Zuni jewelers some forty years ago. He began working as a silversmith at an early age and soon developed a reputation for his fine lapidary work. Jeff began carving fetishes about fifteen years ago, incorporating his fantastic lapidary skills. He is now the only Zuni carver creating fetishes which display "micro-inlay". Unfortunately, this demanding work has led to a fairly extreme case of carpal-tunnel syndrome, which has slowed him down to some degree though it has not affected the quality of his "final product".

In his choice of subject matter, Jeff enjoys exploring relationships between creatures, whether they be familial or adversarial (such as the relationship between prey and predator or two battling bighorns, for example). His choice of stone is always brilliant, and his use of materials results in dynamic, life-like scenes. His work is part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Man in San Diego and is highly sought after by serious and knowledgeable collectors.

Today, in addition to creating beautiful works of art, Jeff finds himself busy taking care of this wonderful family and being very active in the religious doings of the Katsina ceremonials at Zuni Pueblo.

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