"Red Bearded Corn Maiden" Katsina Doll

By Bart Gasper, Jr.

Animal: Red Bearded Corn Maiden Katsina Doll, Material: Cottonwood
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Bart Gasper, Jr.'s creatively hand-carved cottonwood and hand-painted acrylics "Red Bearded Corn Maiden" katsina is an extraordinary combination of two different katsinum. He's uniquely brought together a Red Bearded katsina, who represents rainfall that nourishes the land, and a Corn-maiden who saved the Zuni Pueblo people from famine and drought by nourishing them with sacred corn kernels from her body. These outstanding details include Hummingbirds and Dragonflies that hover around abundantly growing flowers. Bart's use of color is harmonious and stunning. We love the soft folds of her blanket or shawl. Including base, measurements are as follows: about 10" tall, 3 3/4" wide and 4" deep. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.