Legendary Dragon With Accoutrements

By Maxx Laate

Animal: Dragon, Material: Antler
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A wonderfully romanticized dragon by Maxx Laate is elaborately presented with intriguing features such as gorgeously worked folded wings, a trio of pointy blue cultured opal horns and magical red cultured opal inlaid eyes. They draw us into this antler Lizard-like creature that also has a diamond-shaped blue cultured opal inlay on its chest. A hand-fabricated sterling silver and red cultured opal inlaid dagger is protectively held in the strong talons of this mythical being, while an enchanted sterling silver crown with a red cultured opal cabochon rests in the guarded cubbyhole below. Including the segmented and scaled tail, the measurements of this awesome sculpture are about 5" tall, 4 3/4" wide and 3" deep. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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