Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Jeweled Box

By Joel Pajarito, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Native American symbols of power, mobility and continuance of life adorn Joel Pajarito's spectacular tufa cast jewel box. Bison (or buffalo), Horse, sacred Corn, hand elements signifying unity, sprawling teepees, a magnificent head-dressed rider, in addition to important celestial stars, moon, sun and grand raincloud motifs are tufa cast from sterling silver. This amazing jewelry process involves cutting a tufa stone in half, smoothing out both surface sides, carving a sprue hole on top, then skillfully etching out designs, where molten sterling silver was poured in. Joel painstakingly and thoughtfully fortified every surface of this luxurious and museum-quality 2-piece lid with caddy. He also inlaid stunning sky-blue Kingman turquoise and brilliant red coral cabochons. This ultra-gorgeous box is approximately 3" long, 2 3/8" deep and 1 5/8" tall including cabochons, perfect for housing your most treasured keepsake. Signed by the artist.

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