Eagle Katsina Doll Carving

By Greg Lasiloo

Material: Wood
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Greg Lasiloo's latest offering is this powerful stylized Eagle Katsina carving. This piece is loaded with stunning details; thin wood shavings stand in for downy feathers at the back of the head dress and delicate earrings of turquoise and coral beads hang from each side. Hand carved out of cottonwood, Greg uses thin incising and wood burning to create color and texture before he hand paints with colorful acrylics. The blue hue is a signature feature in his work. We love Greg's contemporary interpretation of traditional katsina dolls. This collectable carving stands at 19" tall with a graceful arch and is attached to a double pedestal, which measures 4" square at the base. Measured from beak to the back of the base this carving is about 7 1/4" deep. Additional shipping will be required.