Honor The Buffalo

By Melvin Eriacho

Animal: Bison, Material: Zuni Travertine
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Master carver Melvin Eriacho's Bison sculpture is a celebration in stone, honoring a great bovine's majesty and importance to Indigenous cultures. Bison are a keystone species as their strong hooves aerate the soil helping cultivate seeds and plants important to the ecosystem.

Realistic in classic buffalo form, no detail was left behind. Melvin adorned a hump and beard with many intricate incising marks, while this muscled animal conveys a sense of movement through powerful hooves and a swooshing tail. This turquoise-eyed grand creature was hewn from a gorgeous specimen of Zuni travertine, found locally at Zuni Pueblo. A stunning size at approximately 7 1/2" long, 3" wide and 4 1/2" tall.