Harvest Maiden Of Antler

By Troy Sice

Animal: Harvest Maiden, Material: Antler
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We're honored to work with Troy Sice, a brilliant artist who comes from the greater Haloo family of carvers. They descended from George Cheechee Haloo who produced stringing fetishes. Troy's brother is carver Gabriel Sice. 

Created circa 2018, Troy's inspiring Harvest Maiden is carved of antler. We're in awe of the flawless details seen in this showpiece from the inlay of gorgeous, mouth-watering materials such as lapis, turquoise, pen shell, abalone, serpentine, mother-of-pearl, coral, pink mussel shell, apatite, pipestone, abalone, malachite and gold lip shell, to the spirit of thanksgiving this maiden dances for.

Her traditional 'tablita' headdress is of serpentine topped off with gorgeous little feathers of abalone. More shell feathers accent her hair that is amazingly incised. Happy eyes are inlaid with pen shell and a mouth is of red coral. An inlaid, triple strand red coral necklace adorns her. Her exquisite shawl, dress and boots are also incised and burnt out for further detail. 

Presented in a natural, slightly leaning stance, this unexampled Harvest Maiden stands on a base of marble. Don't miss this museum-quality sculpture that will always enchant and bring reminders of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest.

About 8 3/4" tall, 3 1/2" wide and 2" deep. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.