Grand Mountain Lion Directional

By Clive Hustito

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Onyx
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Clive Hustito's commanding Six Directional Mountain-lion is carved from a varied and stunning onyx. An extraordinary and larger-sized energizing work that represents the Six-Directions recognized by the Zuni Pueblo people. This feline's offering bundle is secured with a gorgeous red obsidian point with the remaining directional animals. We see a marble Wolf, a jet Mole, a Picasso marble Eagle, a turquoise Bear and a coral Badger. The animal's expressive eyes are from either inlaid turquoise or pen shell. Clive presented this whiskered feline with its long tail up and to one side, in old-style presentation. All together, Clive's meaningful carving measures about 9" long, 2" wide and 5" tall. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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