15-Piece Nativity Set Of Sandstone

By Wilson Romero, Cochiti-Dine

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Wilson Romero's 15 piece Nativity set brings together a traditional scene, all carved of found sandstone. We see baby Jesus in his cradle, about 2 1/8" long. His mother Mary is standing, about 5" tall and 1 1/2" long. Joseph is about 5 3/4" tall. Three Kings gather as well, averaging 6" tall. A tranquil angel watches over everyone at 4 1/2" tall. 

Many sweet animals have come to visit, such as Owl, Bison, Bear, bushytail (Coyote, Wolf or Fox), Mountain-lion, Badger and Eagle. The eagle is perched at about 2" tall and is 1 1/4" deep. The bison is about 3" long and 2" tall, while the mountain lion is about 5" long and 1 5/8" tall. This collectible set would make a welcome addition to one's collection and can be enjoyed through the years. Extra shipping charges may apply.