Old-Style Mountain Lion Carved From A Very Old Volcanic Rock A Long Time Ago By Salvador Romero, Cochiti Pueblo

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Found Stone
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Salvador creates what he sees and feels when he picks up a rock there. Because Cochiti nestles up against the Jemez Mountains, a result of a volcano that occurred 1.6 millions years ago, much of the stone that Sal uses are volcanic. This one containing a Mountain-lion is light as a feather and must have been fun to carve. It has the feel of tuffa, kind of rough. It is an “old one” in many ways. It is one of the oldest pieces of Sal’s in my large collection of his work. Sal’s early work is recognizable by his very primitive style of carving at that time, the offerings on its back, and really, the innocence of the piece. It measures about 5" long and 2 1/2" tall. It’s a treasure.