Very Large, Old and Famous Onyx Mountain Lion

By Stewart Quandelacy

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Onyx
This offering is sold.
Stewart Quandelacy brought this large lion into our little shop around 1985 and we knew at once it would be the mountain lion we would use for the Keshi brochure. After a photograph was taken, the mountain lion went on the "not for sale" shelf (or Robin's Collection) and it has been there for almost 35 years! We used that brochure for a long time and many people wanted to buy that lion. Now you can. It is spectacular, dust and all! That original price tag is still attached plus it is signed by Stewart which is not typical for his pieces. This beautiful cat has inlaid eyes of turquoise and an offering bundle of coral, turquoise and mother of pearl shell.  It measures about 6 1/4" long by 3 1/2" tall. Elahkwa, Stew.