Golden Found Stone Was A Horse By Salvador Romero, Cochiti Pueblo

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Horse, Material: Found Stone
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The thing about Sal is that he sees animals in stone. I have been lucky enough to accompany him while “picking rocks” in Cochiti and I soon discovered that his gift goes beyond choosing shapes that are similar to an animal. He literally sees the spirit in the stone. That’s why my favorite Sal fetish took him 5 minutes to carve. I sent Sal a postcard from Florence, Italy, when I saw “The Unfinished Slave” sculptures by Michelangelo. Sal frees the animal by taking away parts of the stone allowing the animal emerge. This golden horse has been overseeing my kitchen, high on a shelf along with several other large Sal pieces. It’s been there for 25 years and I know someone would enjoy it up close and personal. This piece measures about 6 1/8" long by 3 1/4" wide at the withers.