Elk Antler Foxy One By Ray Tsalate

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Fox, Material: Antler
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So good looking and foxy. Yes Ray is, but this refers to his sitting antler Fox! Ray took great care with the burning of the antler to get the dark brown highlights on the ears, and tip of the tail. While the nose and eyes are inlaid stones of tigereye and variscite.  And the polishing... A+. Ray has a way of carving an animal and giving it that “Ray Tsalate” personality. He comes from a Zuni family that is known for carving antler. This fox would be great to carry. Fox medicine is “the silent observer”, i.e. being aware of what is going on but not calling attention to oneself. Very handy in certain situations. A signed piece, measuring about 2" tall and 1" wide.