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Thank you for checking in with Robin’s Collection, there are currently no new pieces available at this time.

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For almost 40 years, Robin Dunlap has been collecting Zuni fetishes. Because of her close connections in Zuni Pueblo, living and teaching in Zuni in the 80’s, serving on the founding board of the Keshi co-op, and later as the owner of Keshi, she formed many close friendships with artists and accumulated quite a collection of carvings.

During this challenging time, Robin has offered to sell some of her personal fetishes to help the Keshi store so that we may continue to support Zuni artists. Zuni artists call the fetishes “their helpers”. This comes from the Zuni Emergence Myth when Great Spirit froze the animals in stone for a period of time, while retaining their beating hearts. As time passed the stone animals agreed to be “helpers” to the A:shiwi. And it is true to this day that the animal carvings do help the artists and all who cherish them.

Periodically, Robin will make some of her fetishes available on the website. The provenance of each piece will be included as accurately as possible. After 40 years, there seems no better time to put Robin’s animals to work for Keshi and the Zuni People. Helpers indeed!

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