Zuni Rain Cloud Bolo Tie

By Jess Johnson

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Jess Johnson's distinguished unisex bolo tie celebrates life-giving water in the form of a Zuni rain cloud blessing the land.

Colorful turquoise, spiny oyster shell and golden gold lip shell are set meticulously side by side in the challenging stone-to-stone jewelry technique. This vibrant rain cloud is surrounded by a gorgeous border of "snake eye" shaped jet, mother-of-pearl and gold lip shell pieces, each housed with tiny silver bezels to support them in the traditional petit point way. Nourishing rain drops fall in the form of turquoise fringe.

The turquoise and sterling silver tips of this bolo tie are exquisite. The silver tips are each decorated with hand-stamped raincloud elements. Including the soft black leather braided cord and dangling turquoise tips, this handsome bolo tie is approximately 48" long. The rain cloud itself is about 3" wide and 3 3/4" long, including the turquoise fringe rain drops. Signed by the artist.