Turquoise Flock Of Birds Fetish Necklace

By Rosita Kaamasee

Animal: Bird, Material: Turquoise
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Rostia Kaamasee is a celebrated Zuni Pueblo artist and elder. We are honored to offer her timeless fetish necklaces. This newest necklace features natural aqua blue hues seen within each carved turquoise bird, like a tranquil blue sky, or a soothing body of water. This 30" long single strand of feathered friends and a several Bear protectors is so refreshing. Each animal is strung to graduate beautifully in size, averaging about 5/8" long to 1" long. They have drilled eyes darkened with jet paste. High-quality heishe shell beads complete this collectible fetish necklace.

Please click here to learn how to identify fake fetish necklaces.