Tufa Cast #8 Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

By Joel Pajarito, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Let your eyes rest upon a vibrant #8 turquoise set slightly off center stage in an elegant, tufa cast sterling silver flowing cuff bracelet by Joel Pajarito. He is an accomplished jeweler from the legendary Mary C. Lovato family of award-winning Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo artists. Mary is his grandmother who passed down the traditional jewelry arts to Joel. His father is respected jeweler Anthony Lovato.

The traditional tufa cast jewelry method involves cutting a tufa stone in half, smoothing out both surface sides, carving a sprue hole on top, then carefully carving out a design, where molten sterling silver is poured in. Joel has created a charming pueblo scene illuminated by a full moon. Following a family tradition the inside of the cuff has not gone without attention and boasts a wonderful petroglyph inspired motif including hand prints and corn stalks. This contoured cuff is about 1" wide with an entire inner circumference of about 7 1/2" including the 1" opening. The turquoise cabochon is about 3/4" by 1/2" creating a beautiful pool of blue to fall into. This signed by the artist piece will be a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Please click here to determine wrist size.

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