Time On Earth Reversible Fetish Earrings

By Sandra Quandelacy

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Sandra Quandelacy's fetish earrings represent the traditional life phases of Woman encompassing feminine strength, power of creation, nurturing and wisdom. Corn Maiden's potential to Grandmother's eldership are seen in these carved turquoise dangle fetish earrings. Indigenous worldview values elders as possessors of knowledge and spirituality. Maiden Grandmother's wisdom trains us to be balanced, approaching life with reasonableness and constructive energy. She's wrapped in a star and Dragonfly etched shawl. Hair is up in traditional whorls signifying she has not had children but has mothered many. Corn-Maiden has an incised corn body and is also adorned with etched stars. Facial features are filled in with jet paste. Red coral pieces are inlaid. These wonderful reversible earrings are about 2" long including hooks, 1/2" wide and 3/8" deep. They are medium-weight in wearability.

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