By Anthony Gchachu

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Zuni storytellers share an old fable called Turkey Maiden about a Maiden’s turkey flock. Their only request is to be let out of the pen to feed and in exchange they would transform her into a beautiful Maiden through songs. Because she didn’t heed their request, they joyfully flew away. Turkeys teach us the importance of being attentive listeners, to actively nurture and sustain all creation through proper care and respect. Anthony Gchachu's original "Strutting" small painting is rendered in gorgeous gold and copper leaf as well as lovely acrylics on paper board in an approximately 3" by 4" framed piece. Unframed measurements are about 2" by 3". A wonderful portable painting that can rest on your desk or mantel as a poignant reminder of a Turkey's animal medicine. Signed by the artist. Please click here to learn more about Anthony's work.

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