Sleeping Beauty & Royston Turquoise Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Horse Necklace

By Joel Pajarito, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

Animal: Horse, Material: Tufa Cast Sterling Silver
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Joel Pajarito is an accomplished jeweler hailing from the legendary Mary C. Lovato family of Kewa Pueblo artists. Mary is his grandmother who passed down the traditional jewelry arts to Joel. His father is respected jeweler Anthony Lovato who is also an avid horseman. 

Inspired by the all the Horses that run free on the land at his Kewa Pueblo home, Joel's all hand-fabricated tufa cast sterling silver reversible necklace is a creation to feast one's eyes on. Each side of the approximate 2 3/4" in diameter center medallion, hosts horses and pueblo motifs like growing Corn, an adobe village and spiral elements. This beautiful medallion is concave.

This equine rich necklace which is about 25" long, also showcases both Sleeping Beauty turquoise and Royston turquoise, both decadent stones. The all handmade chain is stamped with really cool things like hearts, rainclouds, spirals, flowers, birds, Bears and beaming suns. 

Captivating and enchanting, this signed by the artist necklace is unique and brings horse medicine of cooperation and understanding.