Singing & Dancing Bear

By Troy Sice

Animal: Bear, Material: Antler
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What more could a Bear want than its very own blanket. Master carver Troy Sice works his magic in a singing and dancing bruin from antler who is happily enveloped in a favorite blanket or shawl inlaid with colorful materials like spiny oyster shell, lapis lazuli, gold lip shell, variscite, red and pink corals, serpentine, pen shell and turquoise. The way Troy worked the antler gave soft-like folds to the cozy wrap. A phenomenal necklace is also inlaid with these gorgeous materials. Etched paws are inlaid with jet. Burnished features include a nose, ears and little tail. A single gold lip shell carved feather is secured with silver. Expressive eyes are from pen shell inlays. Measurements of this museum-quality fetish are about 3 3/8" tall, 2 1/4" wide and 3/4" deep. It adorably balances on either foot.

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