Red Coral Channel Inlaid Necklace & Earrings Set

By Faye Lowsayatee

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Skill, patience and an eye for detail are required for a successful channel inlay jewelry presentation. Faye Lowsayatee's handmade sterling silver and vibrant red coral necklace and earrings set demonstrates her technical prowess and artistry. Each custom cut coral section is meticulously fitted with silver channels in between, beautifully executed. The earrings for pierced ears dangle at about 1 1/2" long with hooks and are 5/8" wide. The necklace's sterling silver chain is about 18" long not including the inlaid center station with drop pendant accent. That station in its entirety measures about 2" wide and 3 1/4" long. An heirloom set to be enjoyed for many years to come. Signed by the artist.

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