Enlightened Medicine Bear

By Priscilla Lasiloo

Animal: Bear, Material: Fluorite
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Priscilla Lasiloo is a wonderful fetish carver bringing us enlightened Medicine-bears such as this one measuring about 1 3/4" long, 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" tall. In nature Bears know how to restore themselves by going into a restful torpor state in their cave or den. The arch of this bear's back resembles the entrance to that healing place. Comforting light lavender hues are almost transparent within the ethereal fluorite specimen. A lovely heartline with alternating segments of inlaid turquoise, jet and red coral are set, along with eyes from turquoise. The heartline is representative of the breath path from the mouth region to the heart. This carving can be enjoyed as a gorgeous artwork or as a remembrance to take care of ourselves the way bears do.