New Mexico Cedarwood Stand With Six Directional Animals

By Herbert Halate

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Herbert Halate's carved New Mexico cedarwood offering hosts the protecting or healing animals of the Six-Directions, along with their assigned color according to Zuni Pueblo tradition. The solid block of cedarwood is etched and inlaid with gorgeous turquoise pieces. The Six Directional animals are a jet (black) Mole, a calcite (yellow) Mountain-lion, a chrysocolla (blue) Bear, a Picasso marble (many colored) Eagle, a pipestone (red) Badger and a marble (white) Wolf. Their expressive eyes are from turquoise inlays. All together, measurements are approximately 7 1/4" tall, 5 1/2" wide and roughly 4 1/2" deep. The bear is about 1 3/8" long and the mole is 2" long, while the badger is 1" wide and the wolf is about 1/2" wide. Signed by the artist along with a flute-playing effigy etched on the wood's underside. The gorgeous animals are permanently attached.

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